Buy Pharmaceutical And Biochemical Materials


Vacea INC. Is a recently incorporated company located in the Colon free zone of the republic of Panama. We offer broker, inventory, and manufacturing services in the pharmaceutical and biochemistry industries.
We are currently seeking suppliers of the following materials:
- pharmaceutical active ingredients
- intermediates
- cell cultures
- cytokines&growth factors
- proteins&enzymes
- antibodies
- botanical/animal extracts, oils, etc.
- hormones
- vitamins&minerals
- generic and brand name packaged pharmaceuticals
- pure elements
- compounding ingredients(preservativescolorants, flavorings, fillers, etc. )

We intend to conduct a pilot program to test our distribution channels and suppliers, and to estimate inventory demands once we have compiled our catalog. This pilot period would consist of monthly ordering in small volumes. Once the pilot program is completed we will progress to bulk volume orders of increasing frequency.

All interested suppliers are encouraged to contact.

Mr Miguel Sylva
Vacea INC.
World Trade Center,1 Piso - Area Comerical, Calle 53, Marbella, Apartado Postal 0832-0588 Wtc, Panama, Panama
507 2051949
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